Kettle Chips - Creative Agency London | isobel


Sometimes simple is better – and for Kettle, it worked a treat. Never having previously advertised before, our brief was to take Kettle to a mass audience whilst preserving its core equity and appeal. Quite a challenge for a niche, premium brand.


So, we identified its core equity and then set out to dramatise it across channels. Always an agency to make the product the hero of the show, our kick-off television campaign consisted of beautifully crafted stop-frame animation brimming with gentle, playful charm. And then we produced a print campaign with handprints used to depict the various flavours – chilli, mature cheese and onion, sea salt and balsamic…


And then we rolled up our sleeves on new product development and launched Kettle Ridge crisps with a little more oomph. The campaign was without question resoundingly effective laying the foundations for a very successful (and dare we say it lucrative) sale.