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Harrods is a must-stop destination for every visitor to London. But what about Londoners? Why go to Harrods when you could go to Harvey Nichols or Selfridges?


How could we reconnect Londoners with Harrods and give it back a bit of its glam?


Well, the story used to go that no item was too small or too big, too rare or too precious for Harrods to sell. The Willy Wonka of retail – it’s the magical superstore where everything is possible and anything is purchasable.


So we got to thinking – if you could have one thing from Harrods, what would that one thing be? And whilst we were fairly pleased with our answers we thought the campaign may have a bit more impact if we asked some very famous people the same question.


And so we did.


And Billie Piper, Bear Grylls, Keeley Hawes, Ray Winstone and Amir Khan lined up to give us their answers (although we’re not sure that a box at Bolton Wanderers is for sale at Harrods…)