Advertising X Gaming

24 May 2022

Originally published on The Drum.


Zoheb’s been in the Drum talking about ways to explain the opportunities in gaming to our clients.


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As a media channel and cultural phenomenon, gaming is hugely valuable to advertisers. But in 2022, it is still undervalued by them. So as part of The Drum’s Gaming Advertising Deep Dive where we look at how marketers are utilizing and innovating in the gaming space right now, we asked agency experts how they plan to persuade brand marketers that the sector is worth their time and dollars.


How do you solve a problem like… explaining the opportunity available in gaming to clients?

Oliver Feldwick, head of innovation, The&Partnership


Gaming is a criminally under-utilized and ignored niche. In fact, calling it a niche isn’t really accurate. The data speaks for itself. The demographics are broader and more inclusive than the stereotype. Call of Duty has taken more revenue than the box office takings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 35% of the planet are ‘gamers’ and 42% of Americans play video games every week.